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Power Platform Master Class (PPMC)

Published: June 2020

Power Platform Master Class is an intensive, hands-on training class designed for students who already have experience with Power Apps and Power Automate and are looking to move their solution building skills to the next level. The class teaches best practices in building canvas apps and designing flows to update and manage content in SharePoint Online, Excel workbooks and Azure SQL. Students will learn advanced builder techniques including creating a canvas app with shopping cart functionality and designing flows to generate business documents and automate approvals.

This course also introduces the Common Data Service (CDS) and teaches students how to build business solutions using model-driven apps and custom entities. The class also explains how to package and deploy apps, flows and customizations using CDS solutions. Along the way, students will learn about Power Apps Portals and the Power Platform integration with Power BI.
  • Module 01: Getting Started with the Power Platform
  • Course Introduction
  • Getting Started with the Power Platform
  • Creating Canvas Apps
  • Writing Power Apps Expressions
  • Working with Connectors and Data Binding
  • Understanding Delegation
  • Module 02: Building Data-driven Canvas Apps
  • Screen Design Guidelines
  • Displaying Repeating Data using Galleries
  • Using Table Functions to Filter and Sort Data
  • Updating Data using Edit Forms and Data Cards
  • Customizing SharePoint List Forms
  • Module 03: Building a Canvas App with a Shopping Cart
  • Caching State using Variables and Collections
  • Using a Collection to Track Shopping Cart Data
  • Using Patch Instead of an Edit Form
  • Writing Shopping Cart Data Back to SharePoint
  • PREVIEW TOPIC: Designing Reusable Components
  • Module 04: Getting Started with Power Automate
  • Power Automate Fundementals
  • Creating and Testing Flows
  • Using Control-of-Flow Actions
  • Writing Flow Expressions
  • Automating Document Generation
  • Module 05: Building Flows to Manage Content and Approvals
  • Converting and Reshaping Data
  • Uploading Photos to SharePoint
  • Automating Approval Processes
  • Integrating Flow with Microsoft Forms
  • Handling Runtime Errors
  • Understanding Parallel Execution
  • Module 06: Integrating Power Apps with External Systems
  • Calling External Services using HTTP Actions
  • Executing Child Flows from a Parent Flow
  • Creating and Testing a Custom Connector
  • Module 07: Getting Started with the Common Data Service (CDS)
  • Common Data Service Overview
  • Creating the CDS Database
  • Understanding Entities
  • Building Model-driven Apps
  • Developing with Solutions and Custom Entities
  • Importing Data into the CDS Database
  • Module 08: Designing and Developing Power Apps Portals
  • Creating a Power Apps Portal
  • Adding and Editing Portal Content
  • Writing Liquid Template Language Expressions
  • Understanding Portal Configuration
  • Configuring Portal Security
  • Publishing Dynamic CDS Content
  • Module 09: Integrating Power Apps with Power BI
  • Power BI Primer
  • Embedding Power BI Dashboard Tiles in Power Apps
  • Extending Power BI Reports using Canvas Apps
  • Embedding Power BI Reports in a Power Apps Portal
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever